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Texas Pro On The Go - FAQ:

- 1 -

Why should I choose Texas Pro On The Go to manage my Estate Sale?

* Experience - We have a history of a large number of successful sales ranging from large to small, simple to complex ed.

* Happy and satisfied Clients.  Read the Testimonial letters for a sample of how our Clients rated our work.  If you are serious about hiring us we can put you in touch with our references.

* Professional Certifications and affiliations - Phyllis Bridges, ASEL, CAGA, Founder and CEO of Texas Pro on The Go is a Certified Estate Liquidator and Certified Personal Property Appraiser.  Phyllis is the only Estate Sale and Liquidation provider in East Texas to have achieved Certification by, and association in the American Society of Estate Liquidators.  She is also a member of The Certified Appraisers Guild of America. 

* Caring and Understanding - We never forget that our business is about people. Very often we are asked to liquidate the personal possessions of a lifetime.  For the spouse and family who have lost a loved one or someone who's life circumstances have forced them to downsize and move to smaller quarter, these times of life can be very difficult. It is our most important objective to treat our Clients with dignity an respect and to help them through what is often a very difficult time.

Profit $$$ - We have systems in place and procedures to achieve the maximum possible return on the sale of your items.

* Advertising reach - We have an extensive contact list of dedicated shoppers, which are notified of sales via e-mail, text message and other media.  Additionally we do Internet and print advertising to fully promote your sale.

* Resources - We have the resources and infrastructure to set up and conduct your sale in a highly professional manner.  We take pride in the appearance and staging of your sale.  We also keep a special eye out for safety.

* Insured - We are insured. 

* Web Site - Our premier Web Site is placed at your disposal to promote your sale.

- 2 -

When should I contact you about having an Estate Sale?

Now! - If you are thinking about what to do with your Estate the best time to contact us is NOW!  Maybe you need our services immediately, or perhaps you have just listed you home and want to wait until the house sells which could be months away.  Ether way advanced planning is very important so we can work with you to schedule your sale and give you information and assistance on how to proceed.  We will be happy to meet you and look over your situation at any time, just give us a call at 903-931-1407 for a free consultation.

- 3 -

Should I clean up, give away items and throw away things before I contact you?

No - Please let us look at your situation before you do anything... don't be embarrassed about asking us to look at a mess, we have about seen it all. 

Almost everything you have will sell at some price.  We will help you sort it out!

- 4 -

Can I have an Estate Sale if I don't have a house full of items?

Yes - We have many options for you to sell your Estate Items.  Please contact us for details.

 - 5 -

Can I place items in your Estate Sales as a consignment?

  Yes - we do accept quality items to place in our Estate Sales with the permission of our client.  (Only quality items, no garage sale leftovers please).  Click on the "Consignment Sales" button on the menu above for details, or call us directly at (903) 931-1407.

- 6 -

Do you have an Estate Sale only because someone has died?

Absolutely not - in fact most of our sales are for people who are downsizing, moving or just want to make a fresh start on life.

- 7 -

Will you accept checks or credit cards for payment at an Estate Sale?

Yes - Personal and business checks for the amount of purchase are accepted with proper ID.  We also accept VISA, Master card, Discover and American Express credit cards and bank debit cards.

- 8 -

I'm looking for a special item, can you help me find it?

Please go to the "Contact Us" button at the top of this page and fill out the form.  In the Comments section just describe what your looking for and we'll keep an eye out for it!

- 9 -

What is the difference between an "Estate Sale" and a "garage sale"?

Almost everyone has a "garage sale" at one time or another... we all need to do some spring cleaning or just convert excess items we no longer want or need into some ready cash.  Usually the items sold are pretty much the leftover's. 

By contrast at an Estate Sale we are selling most or all the possessions that have been acquired over a person's lifetime.  This includes quality and often expensive items; Furniture, Appliances, Antiques, Fine China, Electronics, Hats and fine clothing, and often unusual and hard to find items.

- 10 -

Do you collect sales tax at Estate Sales and on consignments?

Yes, always with out exception - Texas Law requires that sales tax be collected on items sold at Estate Sales.  Texas Pro On the Go collects tax at all Estate Sales.  Our Sales Tax Certificate is displayed at all sales locations as required by law.

 - 11 -

Can I return an item I purchased at one of your Estate Sales?

No - Items cannot be returned after purchase.  All items are sole "as is", "where is".  We make a good faith effort to represent every item accurately as to its age, condition and serviceability. HOWEVER; THERE IS NO WARRENTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED ON ANY ITEM.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

- 12 -

Do you change the date / time of a sales after it has been contracted or advertised?

Under special circumstances - Yes.  We reserve the right to change the date(s), Time(s) and duration of a sale at our sole discretion.  We are very concerned for the safety of our shoppers and for the preservation of our Client's property where a sale is being conducted.  Dangerous weather conditions or problems with the setup of the sale, or other circumstances may require a sale to be postponed or the scheduled date(s) and time(s) changed.  We may also close a sale early if we sell out.  Should this happen we will notify our shoppers via e-mail, the web site and other media.

Texas Pro On The Go reserves the right to change our policies at any time and without notice.

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